Online Donations

Donate buttonThank you for supporting Frontier Labourers for Christ with your financial gift.

You may donate online with your credit card or Internet Check to our USA office only. Please click here or “Donate” button.

We also accept checks by mail to U.S. or Canada. (U.S. donors should mail donations directly to FLC USA, and Canadian donors should mail donations directly to FLC Canada.

See the Contact page for more.

Generally, questions as to the management of FLC  funds  should be directed to the Board of Directors of FLC USA or FLC Canada).

Please specify if you would like your funds to go to a specific project, people group, or our daily operations in Chiang Mai. Our USA & Canadian board members are all volunteers, and very little in overhead costs are incurred as a result.  All funds go towards outreach, education, development projects, and the administration of these events focused on the tribal peoples of the Greater Mekong region.