Welcome Class of 2020

Welcome Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 has one more year of training to complete.

This current group of students began their medical and Biblical training in January 2018 and will graduate in March 2020. The teaching staff is in place, and we are working to acquire the medical supplies.

It costs $40,000 per year to run the six‐week course. The expenses include bringing the twenty village health workers from their rural areas of Myanmar into Chiang Mai, Thailand, and purchasing medical supplies. The trainers donate their time and travel.

Each year, on average, one Barefoot Doctor sees 250 patients. That equates to 5,000 or more patient visits per year per graduating class.

Essentially, it costs $8 or less per patient visit per year.

Please consider an investment this year in the Barefoot Doctors Program. Your funds make it possible for village health workers to share the love of Christ through direct evangelism and by treating a variety of physical problems.

Please click here for the donation page.

For $100 you can supply medical supplies for a year to one Barefoot Doctor.

For $500 you can cover the travel expenses for one year of teaching for one Barefoot Doctor.

For $1,000 you can cover the food, supplies, and housing expenses for all 20 students and teachers for one week.

Designate for Barefoot Doctors.

Please watch one of these informative videos to learn about the dynamic impact the Barefoot Doctors have on rural health and sharing the Gospel in Myanmar.


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