The Contrast of Time

The Contrast of Time

In 1995, Timothy– the Burmese lead evangelist- lost everything to a military conflict between Army troops and drug-lord rebels in his town of Tachileik, Burma. In the first photo, Timothy holds his daughter and still manages a smile in the destruction. Timothy continues to work diligently to spread the Gospel among tribal people in the Shan state. Contrast now from twenty-years ago.

In 2015, Timothy also attended the Shepard’s Support conference, hosted the Valor & IMR teams, and was blessed with an SUV. The SUV allows him to efficiently visit numerous villages in his region. Timothy provided 120 water filters to villages devastated by floods. He goes monthly to each village to change the filters and talk to them about Christ.

Contrasting twenty years ago in Burmese politics: then a military regime ruled, but in November 2015, peaceful and open elections gave the majority rule to the democratic-focused political party, the NLD. Please pray for genuine opennes in Burma, allowing for an increase in evangelism to reach otherwise closed and restricted areas of the country.

To be ready for growth in evangelistic opportunities, Timothy needs to construct a multi-purpose building next to his home. Currently, he will house and feed up to twenty people monthly in his small residence.

The new two-story building will be forty by twenty feet, and cost about $40,000 USD. We seek lower-cost methods, such as a block making machine. The goal is completion in 2016.