Go, Serve, Transform

Go, Serve, Transform

Since 2013, Valor Christian High School has sent dozens of students through its Discovery program and partnered with FLC on some great projects.

In 2014, the team provided all the funds and some labor to building a boys dormitory at the former Hope Center.

In March 2015, a Valor team of 16 students and 3 teachers provided the funds and constructed four village projects, and did significant relationship building around Chiang Mai. Two of the proje
cts were in a Karen village, constructing much needed bathrooms at the Kindergarten and church. In an Akha village, the team constructed another bathroom next to a church, and installed three kilometers of water pipe to expand the village’s clean water system. We also had a great time providing the gift of a printed photo of themselves.


The team worked so hard, at times it was a challenge to keep them all busy, so those not on concrete-duty developed friendships with the local residents. One of the best parts of the trip for the team was playing with the kids and working alongside the people served by the projects. The team also spent half a day in Burma interacting with other youth. The event was significant in that it was the first time Pastor Timothy received government permission for a gathering with foreigners. We pray the worship time during that day opens the door for Christ-centered spiritual awakening in Tachileik, Burma.

The Valor Discovery program’s moto is to Go, Serve, Transform with a vision to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ. They definitely fulfilled that vision by going to remote villages of Thailand, serving the people with practical essential projects and fun interactions, and as individuals the students were transformed by the global perspective they gained in the experience.

FLC is deeply thankful for Valor’s partnership and commitment to excellence. We hope to continue this annual trip and help other villages with special building projects next year.

Team Thai 2015 from vElevator by JP Ferraro on Vimeo.