Improved health means more productivity for education and work.

Clean water means an end to water-borne diseases, such as diarrhea and cholera.

Easy access to clean water saves significant time with collection. The net result is the ability to break free from poverty.

The results are simple: before the clean water system, everyone gets sick in the village, after the system, they almost never get sick.


Prior to construction, the FLC staff discusses the villages’ water and health needs with the residents. We also help educate village residents to understand the cause of water-borne diseases aided by a microscope and other teaching material.

Construction teams aid village residents to locate the clean source of their water- often springs located within hillsides. Together, the FLC team and villagers tap the water source above the village, and run PVC pipe to a permanent containment structure. Then they connect each house with a tap to a central pipe, and gravity provides the water pressure.

The materials of PVC pipe, concrete, plastic liners, wood, and fasteners total $5,000 per system and take about 7 days to construct. All labor is donated by FLC staff and volunteers and the community receiving the water system.

Videos about the Giddings Water Tank can be viewed here: