Since 2013, Valor Christian High School has sent over a hundred students and leaders through its Discovery short-term missions department to partner with FLC on some great projects.

The Discovery department exists to facilitate opportunities for transformation through service — whether close to home or throughout the world. Students develop and strengthen their faith as they engage in and with various cultures around the world.

FLC has worked with Valor teams to generate  well-executed intercultural experiences that significantly advance students’ spiritual, emotional, character and relational development while meeting desired educational or ministry goals. Ultimately, Discovery seeks to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ. Go! Serve! Transform!

You can read more about the Discovery experiences on their website.

In 2014, a Valor team paid for and assisted in constructing one of the dormitories at the Living Spring Bible School.
Read about what the 2015 team accomplished in the post: Go, Serve, Transform.










The 2016 Thailand Team was Valor Discovery’s 100th trip. They constructed two buildings in the Akha village area of Doi Mon Lan.
Nearly every year, Timothy, his family, and church host the Valor team. In 2017 & 2018 Timothy’s family fed and participated in our large group activities with other churches and organizations.



In 2019, the Valor team returned to the Akha villages in Doi Mon Lon mountains and constructed two buildings essential for ecotourism development.