What We Do

FLC focuses on three key segments of ministry: Outreach, Education, and Development.

Whether it’s making friends with a new village, coordinating groups at our training facility, or improving self-sufficiency among ministry partners, FLC seeks to help people, see them grow in their Christian faith, and show others how to multiply the work.


Outreach brings the transformative message of Jesus Christ, shared in culturally sensitive ways, and concerned about the physical needs and quality of life of tribal peoples in remote village.


Knowledge and training are integral to all aspects of FLC’s projects and activities. Our education projects cover a variety essential areas to help people improve their quality of lif.


Development is the fruit of outreach and education. FLC provides investment opportunities and assistance for tribal peoples stuck in poverty to gain self-sufficiency.

Outreach + Education + Development = Improved quality of life.

Three Akha Girls Everyday