Medical Mystery

Medical Mystery

Medical Mystery

International Medical Relief (IMR) treats underserved patients with dramatic and often life-saving results by providing medical services, medicines, supplies, training and education to communities throughout the world.

IMR recruits qualified medical teams and offers short-term assignments for volunteer doctors, dentists and other health care professionals, as well as non-medical volunteers to conduct overseas medical clinics in areas where health care is limited or difficult to obtain.

In early October 2015, IMR conducted its first Mystery Trip and chose to work with FLC for this unique adventure. 18 medical professionals from the US, Canada, and Australia left from Chicago without knowing where in the world they were going. Only their team leader, Amy knew the daily itineraries as Jung and the team took them all around the country.

This dynamic and energetic team consisted of up to fifteen translators at the various locations and for the different languages. The first day they treated Burmese young people who work in Chiang Mai’s Night Market and students from various Thai tribal groups.

The medical team provided Community Health Education (CHE), screenings for various ailments, dental extractions and treatment, and left medicine to care for future ailments.

The team conducted two clinics supervised by Loha at Banmai Pattana in the new church building. Timothy hosted IMR at the Burma border in Mae Sai for two days of clinics with Burmese flood victims.

IMR enjoyed some fun with an elephant ride, Tuk Tuk tour of Chiang Mai, overnight train ride to Bangkok, and plenty of special cultural experiences.

IMR’s Mystery Team helped our ministry partners better connect with those they serve, and is another example of FLC’s whole-person approach to outreach, education, and development.

IMR is planning to bring a dental-training focused team to work with the Barefoot Doctors. After graduation, the Barefoot Doctors will have an optional additional week of training in dental extraction and treatment. The 2016 IMR team will also conduct clinics in various locations throughout Thailand and possibly Burma.

We are grateful for IMR’s partnership with us, and others like them, who allow FLC to better serve the tribal people groups of the Golden Triangle.