A Big Year

A Big Year

Pastor Loha of the Akha village, Banmai Pattana in Thailand had a big year in 2015. In March, a team from Valor Christian High School constructed an addition to the village’s water system.

Loha attended the Shepherds’ Support pastor’s and spouse’s seminar, and hosted medical clinics with a team from International Medical Relief (IMR). Also in the Fall, Pastor Loha and Banmai Pattana dedicated their new church building.

The once animist Akha people are rapidly coming to Christ. Because of the work of evangelists Ah Long, Simon, Ah Ye, and Ah Lo, tremendous church growth resulted in the need for a new building.

Thanks to Bear Valley Church, Colorado for its significant contribution to the construction project.

Most of the Akha people group live outside of Thailand, and are almost entirely unreached with the Gospel. With such tremendous spiritual growth among the Akha and Lahu people groups in Thailand, the FLC leadership encourages these pastors and evangelists to reach out to other tribes, villages, and eventually into other countries of the region.